11 Ways to Keep Kids Active

Physical activity helps children maintain a healthy weight, grow strong bones, and most importantly, have a lot of fun. All children should be physically active for at least one hour a day, but in the age of video games, tv and tablets, this is getting more and more difficult to accomplish.

In support of reducing the rate of child obesity, my son’s school sent home a family challenge worksheet, which involves gaining points for engaging in physical activity for 15 minutes or longer. Here are 11 ideas on how to keep kids active outside of organized sports classes:

#1 – Screen time

Limit TV and screen time. You’ll be surprised at what kinds of activities kids come up with.

#2 – Walking

Walk or cycle to and from school with the kids as often as possible.

#3 – Rock and ROLL!

Go roller skating, rollerblading or skateboarding, indoors or outside. In winter, go ice skating. Kids also love scooters.

#4 – Community involvement

Find out about charity walks in your area and train for these walks together as a family.

#5 – Monkey time!

Go to a playground. Activities like the monkey bars and climbing up to the top of the slide are fun ways to stay active.

#6 – Get OUT!

Schedule outside time for your kids. Take your kids to your backyard or the park for and hour and provide balls, frisbees, hula hoops or jumping ropes for them to play with.

#7 – Go postal

Invite your kids to walk with you to the corner store or the mail box.

#8 – Just dance

Instead of having the TV on in the background, play music and encourage your children to dance.

#9 – Get them to help

Involve your children in age appropriate chores like raking, mowing the lawn, washing the car or cleaning patio furniture.

#10 – Pillow fight!

Play tag, hide and seek, have a water balloon fight or pillow fight with your kids.

#10 – Bubblybubbly yo!

Blow bubbles and get your kids to chase them.