7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Eat Your Food on the Move

We tend to eat on the way to avoid getting late for work. We imagine that the roll won’t hurt us if we have it while driving or sitting in a public transport. In an effort to spare time, we wind up losing our health. The consequence of this can be quite terrible – swelling, nausea, acidity, and many others; all because of all that food which is hurriedly going down our body.


This is one big issue for office goers who have to travel. To spare time, they keep food in the vehicle so they can eat while traveling. Food requires the body to be a relaxed state to get processed appropriately. Our body is designed to use this food to create vitality, but this can’t occur if you don’t give your stomach rest.

All that acidity

Ever felt that your food refuses to settle down regardless of you eating two hours ago? That is your body’s method for disclosing to you where you turned out badly. Odds are you ate food while you were moving, either in the auto or in the bus or while taking a walk, and the stomach juices continued getting bothered because of the constant movement if your body. This again alludes to not giving rest to your body.

Indigested food

Do you ever feel that the food is just moving in your stomach and that it just refuses to get digested? This is because you are constantly moving, and your food doesn’t get appropriate time to emit its juices, which it does otherwise in a resting state. And if you like eating fried and hot food, this will be happening more regularly. While our metro stations give us a variety of snacks to choose from, keep that urge of yours controlled.

Upset stomach and nausea

Drinking milk in a rush and leaving for work or drinking a protein shake in a hurry can give you a bad stomach or nausea. This is because milk is overwhelming for your stomach to process. Milk and milk products should always be consumed while resting.

Expanded bladder

Coffee and tea are our top picks in a hurry. If you have been encountering an expanded bladder movement, this might be because of the way that you continue drinking caffeine in a hurry. Let go if this habit to maintain a strategic distance from acidity too.


Despite our attempt to control ourselves, gas stuck in our body can make us seriously awkward. If you are in the propensity for drinking energized and carbonated beverages in a hurry, there are higher odds of you encountering this uneasiness of gas.

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