Benefits of Pilates During Pregnancy

A lot of women want to continue exercising during pregnancy but are worried that too much physical activity is harmful to the unborn baby. Pilates is a kind of workout that is low impact and relaxing which is suitable for the pregnant mother.  It can contribute to strengthening the back, pelvic and abdominal muscles and promotes good posture. It is a form of exercise that provides a well-rounded approach, connecting the body and the mind. The essence of Pilates is explored through breathing, concentration, rhythm, flow and control. The benefits of Pilates help the mothers endure the pains of labor which could be physically challenging. Mothers experience a lot of changes and difficulties during pregnancy which can be relieved through Pilates.

1. Improve Flexibility

Muscles become weak during pregnancy because of the tightening of chest, hips, neck extensors and lower back. Pilates exercises are designed to make the muscles more flexible which help in minimizing the pains experienced during labor.

2. Controls Your Breathing

During pregnancy, a woman’s diaphragm is compressed up into the chest, which can cause difficulty in breathing. Pilates breathing has the ability to increase the flexibility in the intercostal muscles. Every exercise in Pilates is connected with breathing and gives effective core support to the back and the rest of the body. Learning the proper way of breathing can help during labor and delivery.

3. Strengthens Pelvic Muscles

The pelvic is a group of muscles that hold the organs and your baby inside the body. Pilates aids in helping pregnant women to know how to control the pelvic muscles. When giving birth, the pelvic muscles must completely be in a relaxed state so it allows the baby to come out. Strong pelvic muscles also support the body to return to its pre-pregnancy state immediately.



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