Busting Myths About Forms of Birth Control for Teenagers

Among teens who have an active sexual life, the two most basic types of birth control would be the use of birth control pills and latex condoms. Since these two are viewed as well known for their age, it is imperative to tell teenagers about birth control facts and some myths with respect to these two types of birth control.

The efficiency of birth control pills relies upon how they are used. While others express the effectivity of such pills to be around 99%, the truth nibbles it off with just around 87%. The rationale behind the difference is owed completely to the user. Diminishing the adequacy of birth control pills depends on missing days, skipping pills, or taking the pill at different times each day. Since teenagers are encountering skin break out now, some birth control pills can help control skin break out, while some physician recommended solutions and in addition natural medicines.

In opposition to myth, birth control pills won’t influence a woman to fatten up. One doesn’t have to enjoy a reprieve from using the pill, and there is no therapeutic purpose behind going off the pill occasionally. Another myth that the vast majority accept about pills is that it increments or changes a female’s body odour.

On account of condoms, this type of birth control would be the best security against AIDS and HIV. Never get fully confident about condoms since this will expand the possibility of breakage. Never use oil-based greases like infant oil, cream, Vaseline, or any cooking oil since this as well can cause breakage. Oddity condoms ought to be analyzed all the more intently to determine the said items’ adequacy in counteracting pregnancy and STDs. Perusing the mark would be a smart thought just to ensure.

A portion of the myths about condoms states that it decreases sensitivity level in boys, but this does not imply that there is no sensation at all. In reality, this can help folks that experience untimely discharge. Men who need to use condoms needn’t bother with a medicine since it can be purchased anyplace these days. With a couple of exemptions, condoms are one size and they fit all.

By knowing the facts and myths about these normal birth control techniques, teenagers would now be able to have a much better point of view on birth control.

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