Don’t get me wrong; working out, wherever you do it — at the gym, outside, inside — is a good thing. But… you know it’s no fun waiting in line for weights, or running on a treadmill that was definitely not wiped down by the previous runner (ew). And let’s not even talk about the unwanted nakedness in and outside the change room.

There are too many reasons why workouts at home are THE BEST: Make your own schedule, day or night; You don’t have to care how you look; The germs are your own; Make any weird grunts and faces you want. The list goes on, and you know it already.

Why don’t you start by getting a very good exercising bike, which is also VERY cheap compared to the thousands of dollars you would be spending on a wasted gym membership. Have a look at the bike reviews we gathered for you. You’ll be surprised how unexpensive these are!   


Marcy Foldable Exercise Bike

This bike is well built and QUIET. It’s really a steal for the price. The fact that it is foldable for storage is a plus, as well as the fact that the seat is adjustable were two attractions. It has adjustable tension and the seat is comfortable, which is not always the case for other bikes. 


DeskCycle 2 Under Desk Exercise Bike

Super easy to assemble and fits right under a desk. Light enough that it can be moved in front of the couch when watching TV. Word of warning though – don’t use it while in a zoom call!  Your upper body tends to move even if you’re just using your legs. 


DMASUN Exercise Bike – Pro Magnetic Resistance

Don’t be scared off by the low price of this incredible machine. The minimal assembly takes one person less than an hour, and all of the required tools are included. The bike has minimal space requirement, so it can fit into small room, and even the friction-resistance version is exceptionally quiet, as long as you lubricate the felt pad (a little spray silicone on the fly wheel will do the trick). It’s also very sturdy and stable to ride. Honestly, if you’re on a tight budget and you need a spin bike, this is an excellent choice.


MERACH Exercise Bike

Very quiet, has an app that tracks workouts, looks nice, feels solid, and has two wheels to easily move it around if needed. The seat it comes with is ridiculously uncomfortable, but you can buy a replacement for about $20. You’re still a grand below a peloton…


XTERRA Fitness FB350 Upright Folding Bike

This bike is perfect! It’s small enough that you can keep it folded out and ready to use at any time. But if you ever need to make more room, it folds up which makes it even more compact and easy to store away. You could exercise with this thing in the middle of the night with someone sleeping right next to you and not wake them up. Assembly is also quite easy!


KURONO Stationary Exercise Bike

Really good bike. Solid materials, durable. Easy to assemble (around 30-50 min.). Minor issues: lack of better back support when biking in the upright position (hard to keep the back straight); seat could be a little uncomfortable after 30 minutes of biking.

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