Coconut Oil Could Just Be the Thing Your Hair Does Not Want, or Want?

Hair care is an essential and a sterile routine for both women and men. However, there are a number of facts which you want to understand prior to using specific products or query the customs that you have been practicing for quite a while from the title of hair maintenance.

Putting coconut oil regularly to your hair may cause some ill results.

Avoid Excess of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil looks beneficial when used in smallish quantities; to coat hair or reduce frizz-hair might not act when large quantities is implemented. This is only necessary for people who have rough or dry hair that struggle with poor protein.

Coconut Oil Could Make Way for Brittle Hair

Coconut oil can result in more brittle hair thinning and baldness. Nevertheless, repeated use of coconut oil might lead to protein develop, creating your hair more inflexible, stiff and not as elastic. It may lead to more breakage when styling or combing. Additionally, your hair is going to be tangled and seem dull.

Clogging Hair Pores

Coconut oil can clog pores and lead to aggravation for many scalp types (as it does on particular skin types).You find one person’s medicine is another’s poison. It is somewhat funny this mention should be here but apparently that is how it works.

All That Grease

Coconut oil may be soothing on skin, but your hair may turn greasy if the oil isn’t fully substituted into your scalp. So in order to avoid that infamous greasy look, make sure you don’t use too much of coconut oil in your hair.

Anything in excess is bad, and in moderation can be good. Coconut oil goes by the same rule. If you apply little of it, it may work wonders for your scalp. However, too much use of coconut oil, as all the points above mention, may  not be really good for your hair.

Happy oiling!

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