Did You Know That Wearing Sunglasses Can Be Good For Your Eyes?

Did you know that sunglasses shield you from more than just cataracts? There are a few significant advantages to wearing sunglasses each time you go out into that bright sunlight.

Reducing the Glare

Sunglasses that come with 100% UV tinting cut down on glare from the sunlight. This lessens squinting (and the wrinkles it causes), and can keep certain headaches and cerebral pains at bay. But the advantage comes when you’re driving: glare from a street can briefly daze drivers. UV tinted sunglasses enable you to maintain a strategic distance from this potential risk. And you don’t need to pick dim focal lenses: pale golden or other light colours work similarly too to avoid glare, as long as they are 100% UV tinted.

Keeping Your Eyes Well Protected

Wind and aerating and cooling can dry out your eyes, causing distress, redness, irritation and soreness. In autos, ventilating regularly feels best when it’s blowing close to your face – and that implies it’s blowing into your eyes too. Wearing sunglasses – notwithstanding when it’s not bright – eliminates the impacts of air blowing specifically at your eyes.

And Finally, Cataracts

Keep in mind cataracts – one of those problems you don’t mind or consider until it’s past the point of no return. Prolonged exposure to UV beams can cause cataracts in your eyes. Side effects incorporate obscured vision, sensitivity light, double vision, requiring brighter light to read, and blurring of colours. Wearing sunglasses frequently can anticipate or moderate the improvement of cataracts, so it’s never too soon to begin.

Art by Brenda Gordon

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