The Divine OM and its Significance

OM heals & transforms you

The sound of “Om” creates vibrational frequency that pervades throughout the universe and creates harmony in the body. The word “OM”, also pronounced as “AUM” is the sound that was made when all of creation came into existence. By chanting OM, we are symbolically and physically tuning in and acknowledging our connection to all other living beings, nature and the universe.

In Sanskrit, the meaning of Om is avati, or rakùati. Rakùati means ‘One who protects, sustains’. So that which sustains everything is Om.

Om is also used as a sound symbol, what we call a pratika, for everything – this entire universe – because Om sustains everything. The entire universe means not only the physical universe, but also the experience there of.

The visual symbol represents the meaning of AUM


Chanting OM has many benefits:

  •  The vibrations of Om is equal to prana shakti, this shakti lifts you from low to higher level of consciousness.
  • Chanting gives us the power to cure diseases and ward off evils; gain wealth; to attain blissful state of mind and attain liberation. Chanting OM can heal the person from within, the power of OM helps in removing the inner negativity or darkness, and takes one from darkness to light or space or beyond.
  • Om brings transformation, it transforms you from within and beyond mind, and it aligns our energy and creates a feeling of openness and expansion.
  • Chanting of OM stimulates spiritual growth and brings about realizations of our deeper, spiritual nature which can be powerful and life changing.
  • Om is a divine mantra and a medicine, it’s a vibrating sound which will help in overall development of your body and mind positively.
  • The continued recitation of OM fills one with peace, calmness, tranquility and serenity.

Om chanting can be done loudly or silently. The people who have been depressed, stressed, anxious, or having emotional disorders, diseases etc have been be healed by OM chanting.

While chanting the OM the enlightened one will be experience the kundalini rise at back of spine for normal person he or she will feel relax, resonance or vibrations.

The OM which transforms the self soul consciousness to supreme soul consciousness, from physical body to beyond mind.


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