Drying, Flaking Lips: Causes and Prevention

At some point or the other, we’ve all been casualties of dry lips. For a few, dry lips are a customary thing which can be offset with some lip salve and cream; though a few people encounter intense torment and disturbance because of the dry and split lips.

This gets us to the big query: What are the explanations behind dry and broken lips?

Lips are a beautiful piece of our body but shockingly, they have certain drawbacks in contrast with our other body parts. These inconveniences make our lips powerless against dryness.

The regular oils in the hair and skin enable dryness and flakiness to go away. Tragically, our lips don’t have any characteristic oils, hence, they are more powerless against dryness.

The skin ensuring our lips is significantly more thin in contrast with alternate parts of our body. Along these lines, our skin is exceptionally helpless against issues caused by outside variables like contamination, change in weather, and so on.

Our lips don’t have any pores which imply that are no sweat and oil glands to hold the dampness and moisture in the lips and keep them hydrated.

Notwithstanding these characteristics, some everyday things additionally contribute to dry lips:

Licking of the lips

People who often lick their lips are very inclined to dry lips. This is because spit strips away the moisture from our lips and makes them dry.

Breathing through the mouth

Breathing through the mouth makes our lips dry and textured. It is recommended that one breathes through their nose and if your nose is blocked and you have to inhale with your mouth, use some lip ointment to retain moisture.


Dry lips are considered as a warning indication of dehydration. Dehydration makes the skin on our lips defenseless against dryness. Drinking water and eating high water content vegetables and fruits like cucumbers and watermelons can help things to get better.

Change in temperature and weather additionally contributes significantly to dry lips:

Extreme cold

Exposure to cold because of weather can likewise cause dryness of the lips:


Since the skin on our lips is amazingly thin, it is more inclined to harm caused by daylight which thus causes dryness.

Sometimes, dry lips are caused because of the sudden change in weather or temperature. For eg: if a person moves from a city like Mumbai to a chilly city like Darjeeling, there is a high plausibility that the person may fall prey to dry lips.

Some fundamental health conditions can likewise prompt dry and broke lips:

Vitamin insufficiency

The lack of saturating vitamins like B1. B2 (riboflavin) and B6 can cause dry lips.


This is a condition in which a person encounters dry and broken skin on the surface of the lips and at the edges of the mouth, ulcers on the surface of the skin. Cheilitis is related with other different contaminations and health conditions like Crohn’s ailment.

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