Hardly Working: Yoga Teachers (TRY NOT TO LOL)

It’s worth doing a bit of background research about the teacher and their style of yoga before joining. If you can, have a chat with the teacher beforehand so you can ask them any questions. This gives them chance to understand a little about your reasons for doing yoga too – it may be that you want to get more flexible, use yoga to compliment another sport that you enjoy, or that you are looking for a bit more calm in your life.

Patience, openness, the commitment to show up on your mat, respecting your body’s boundaries, learning to connect with sensation and your breath and the willingness to be in the present moment are all far more important than whether you can balance in tree pose for 5 minutes. So rather than being frustrated at being a beginner, enjoy the experience – you never know, if you keep practicing, you may not be a beginner for very long!