Have Trouble Focusing on Breathing Exercises? These Two Simple Tips Will Help

Breathing exercise helps one calm down and increases focus, concentration, and mindfulness. However, for starters, breathing exercises can be a tedious thing to do. So if you are one of such persons, you need a different outlook on things.

Many individuals believe that breathing activities are just a way of taking a seat and thinking as they breathe in breathe out, which can appear as being exceptionally exhausting and dull but here are a couple of things you can experiment with your breathing exercises next time.

Colour things up a bit

Focusing on a specific colour during inward breath and another colour on exhalation. This helps make the whole process seem less tedious, and why not- colours are beautiful to imagine, aren’t they? Also, there are numerous possibilities with colours – there are many colours that you can picture, so this act doesn’t really get all boring.

Think of a picture or an image of yourself

Have an image in your mind of your body as you take in the air, and think about all the additional parts of your lungs that have been underutilized because of terrible breathing practices. Taking a breath and envisioning the air coming into your body from different zones makes you want to do more of it.

It can particularly appear to be dull for new people when beginning to do breathing activities as they can’t see the muscles that they are taking a shot at but by picturing their lungs in real life in their mind it makes it all the simpler to do. Also, it is important to remember and understand that when you’re doing your breathing activities you’re not so much getting the hang of anything new but fixing all the unfortunate events of the past.

Yes, so breathe in, and breathe out.

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