Here are some of the reasons for slow hairgrowth

There are two different types of people on the planet – one type are the men and women who experience accelerated hair growth. It might be genes, excellent luck or a fine health routine; heaven only knows! On the flip side, some individuals experience prolonged hair growth. They keep appearing in the mirror, highlighting the times and centimetres, praying and hoping for extended and luscious locks.

Should you belong to the latter, then keep reading to find all of the answers to your query.

New hair strands begin to form just when the cycle is complete. This life cycle is a determined process which said some individuals have long hair development cycles although some individuals have shorter spans.

Vitamin deficiency

Scientists have discovered that vitamin deficiency is among the top causes of slow hair growth. Deficiency of a suitable diet plan and hair care regimen interrupts the hair follicles of the vital nutrients which are needed for hair development. Vitamin deficiency may also result in hair fall.


This may be a surprise; however, remaining hydrated is critical for the health of your hair. This is because water constitutes about one-quarter of your hair and moisturizes the scalp. A wholesome and healthy scalp is an essential element when it comes to fostering hair development.

Side impact of drugs

In some instances, the development of your hair may slow down much as a complication of certain medications. In case you’ve detected slow hair growth cycles immediately after beginning the path of prescribed drugs, it’s ideal to cross consult a physician and take steps accordingly.

Over usage of styling products

It’s not surprising that using styling products and blow drying your hair may have adverse consequences on the development cycle of your hair. Styling products and tools warm up the organic essential oils of the hair, thereby killing all of the moisture onto the scalp. A dry and sterile scalp causes the hair to grow faster than usual.


Alopecia is a widespread hair condition that’s related to slow hair growth. That is to say, alopecia is sudden baldness with thinning stains appearing on the cover of the head.

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