How Exercise Prevents Cancer

Research suggest that cancer can be prevented by exercising for at least 30 minutes each day. A study was conducted by JAMA Internal Medicine, analyzing the habits of 1.4 million people from the United States and Europe. Each participant was further assessed with their weight, height and leisure-time physical activities with the incidence of 26 types of cancer. The study concluded that the participants with the highest levels of leisure-time physical activities had the lower rates of cancer of the kidney, colon, esophagus, lung, head and neck, rectum, bladder, breast and two cancers of the blood (myeloma and myeloid leukemia).

Exercise is significant in promoting one’s health. It should be part of everyone’s daily life in order to reap its benefits. Whether you are enrolled in a gym or you’re just staying at home, there are a lot of fun ways to exercise. Start your day with a workout, here are simple ways to do it.

1. Always take the stairs

2. Do some household chores

3. During commercial breaks of your favorite TV show, try to do jumping jacks

4. While waiting for the meal to be cooked, jog in place

5. Walk while talking to someone on the phone

6. As you wake up in the morning, give yourself a few minutes to stretch

7. Do a treadmill while reading your favorite novel

8. Play in the park with your kids

9. Go outdoors during the weekend. Try mountain climbing or surfing

10. Instead of doing the typical dinner dates, go brisk walking in the park or try cycling

11. Track your steps by wearing a pedometer

12. Start your own exercise journal to keep track of your fitness journey

13. If you need to go to the grocery or convenience store, walk instead of driving

14. When you hang out with your closest friends, ditch the coffee shop and try something more adventurous like rock climbing.

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