How much of stair climbing is good for you?

Walking, indeed, is good for your cardiovascular health. Every time you walk up and down the staircase, it adds up to your exercise, which burns calories, thus improving your overall health. It also builds up your stamina, endurance, and muscle strength.

Walking naturally activates a large number of muscle groups in your limbs as well as your body, so it is a great idea to ditch the elevator and try walking up and down the staircases for a change.

Strolling up stairs at a moderate pace works the large muscle bunches in your lower body and lifts your heart rate. Bypassing the lift or elevator for the stairs will expand your fitness level and add to your every day fitness goal that you have been long trying to achieve.

Your weight makes a difference in the calories you consume while hitting the stairs. A 160-lb. person consumes 29 calories in 3 minutes when they go up the stairs. Climbing those stairs four times each day would consume 116 calories. Use an online calorie calculator to decide what number of calories you can consume climbing stairs every day.

If you’re beginning a fitness program, start by climbing up a couple of flights of stairs every day at a casual pace. Walking up stairs day by day can assemble strength in your gluteal muscles, hamstrings, quadriceps and calves. For a more focused workout, walk upon the stairs at your workplace on your lunch break.

That done, over time, you can actually see you stamina being built, and there is nothing better than to see oneself forge in some goo stamina, as self-improvement in itself is a great motivation. Watching difference in yourself will keep you going and help you focus on yourself even better, so that you can get more and more exercise as the days pass.

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