Back to school, back to work and back to the gym may all be part of your September, but it’s that last one – working out – that can sometimes be a difficult hurdle.

Schedule time

Take a moment to look at your schedule and find a time that actually works for you. Maybe you have to get up early in the morning, get your fitness in ahead of time, so that nothing else gets in the way of what you’re planning to do.

Find a workout that you enjoy

Some gyms offer trial memberships or classes where people can get a sense of what to expect. Fitness classes are great because people get a sense of community, and having friends at the gym can also keep you motivated.

Make REALISTIC goals

Don’t expect to see results immediately. Most people start to notice their clothes are fitting better after six to eight workouts. On average, people find they develop a routine after four weeks and then they stick with it. And the goal shouldn’t just be losing weight, which takes time. People will start to notice they feel better, have more energy and sleep better pretty quickly.

It’s time to get serious, get back at it now!

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