If doing Yoga at strange places is your thing, then this is for you

A submerged restaurant in the Maldives offers unique views of its marine black life, but for a gathering of favoured yogis.

About six meters underneath the surface, at the Hurawalhi Maldives’ 5.8 eatery – the world’s biggest all-glass undersea eatery named after its submerged depth in meters – members rolled out their mats for what’s being known as the world’s first undersea yoga occasion.

Amid the one-hour vinyasa stream class, yoga teacher Jessica Olie lead members in an interesting session performing descending dog and, maybe, the fish or dolphin pose, encompassed by schools of brilliant, tropical fish swimming in a fluid purplish blue sky. The objective of the vinyasa stream class was to “improve flexibility, boost muscle strength, power up the immune system and produce an inner calm.”

The class was reasonable for the two fledgelings and propelled yogis alike and cost $120.

If the Maldives is somewhat distant, you should need to monitor the Lole White Tour which arranges overall yoga visits in startling spots.

Before, the Montreal-based yoga clothing organization has come up with occasions at real landmarks and spaces far and wide, including the Eiffel Tower, Central Park in New York, The Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, and the Olympic Stadium in Montreal.

Clearly, Yoga is being adopted far and wide, at strange, uncanny places too.

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