Listening to Yoga music before bedtime could improve your heart’s health

New research proposes that tuning in to yoga music before sleep time might be useful for heart health, and also help killing tension.

The research sets out to explore how tuning in to mitigating, reflective yoga music before bed could influence heart rate fluctuation.

The researchers selected 149 healthy members with a normal age of 26 and requesting that they take part in three different conditions on three separate evenings: tuning in to yoga music before rest, tuning in to popular music with consistent beats, and no music or quietness before rest.

Heart rate changeability was recorded for five minutes before the music or silence began, for ten minutes amid the music/quietness, and again for five minutes after it had wrapped up.

Members’ tension levels and positive sentiments were surveyed every session.

Researchers found that heart rate fluctuation expanded amid the yoga music, diminished with the popular music, and did not significantly change with the quietness, recommending that tuning in to yoga music could beneficially affect the heart, as low heart rate is related with a 32-45 percent higher danger of encountering a first heart attack.

The study likewise demonstrated that tension levels fell significantly after the yoga music, climbed significantly post popular music, and expanded after the no-music session.

Members additionally felt more positive after the yoga music than they did after the popular music.

“We use music therapy in our hospital and in this study we showed that yoga music has a beneficial impact on heart rate variability before sleeping,” commented study author Dr. Naresh Sen. He added that it cannot replace evidence-based drugs and interventions, but should be instead used for therapeutic purposes.

“Science may have not always agreed, but Indians have long believed in the power of various therapies other than medicines as a mode of treatment for ailments. This is a small study, and more research is needed on the cardiovascular effects of music interventions offered by a trained music therapist. But listening to soothing music before bedtime is a cheap and easy to implement therapy that cannot cause harm.”

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