Stressed about hair loss? You could just shave off your head

I am a male in my mid-20s, and quite recently, I started noticing male pattern baldness on my head, which meant that I was losing hair steadily.

Now, this lead to a lot of stress, obviously. I did not want to go bald. Although I still had a headfull of hair left, it did not mean that I was not losing hair. My bathroom sink was getting clogged as well.

I started reading up online on how to prevent hair loss. Most of the tips that are provided online are quite generic. They do suggest the use of Minoxidil and Finasteride to prevent hair loss – but that was not the problem. I could cure hairloss using medication, and even get a transplant in a few years if needed.

The concern here was me stressing over my hair loss. So here’s what I did: I shaved off my head.

Here is what I noticed after shaving off my head:

No longer concerned about how the hair looks

Now, I was no longer concerned about how my hair looked, which meant that I could go on minding my daily business, do things that I would usually do without caring much about how my hair looked. It was a shock for friens and family, initially, but they got used to it. That’s great, isn’t it.

Could take better care of my scalp

Now that my hair was gone, I could take better care of my scalp. I could massage it and let it soak in the sun for some vitamin D. I could even scale my hand around and and feel my tiny hair coming out, which felt great, because now I knew that the hair growth did not stop.

You can get into “the zone”

Now that you are worrying less about how your head looks, you can actually start getting more exercise and even indulge in some meditation. You can even eat better. I started eating more proteins, exercising better, and such. And in a couple of days, I could see a massive impact on my health. Now I am feeling a lot better that I used to.

So yes, if you are worried about hair fall, just shave it off and let it re-grow. It is going to re-grow better and re-grow fine.

Happy living!


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