The benefits of meditating with a ‘mantra’

These days every time a politician repeats a promise over and over again commentators state that this is getting to be a “mantra” for that politician. For those journalists, the word “mantra” signifies a meaningless phrase that’s repeated endlessly. For yogis nevertheless, a mantra is a word or collection of words, that has the power of having a being from all limitations.

How can the replica of a phrase or a couple of words have the ability to lead to such remarkable results? It’s all based on a simple psychological principle, “as you believe, so you become.”
If you somebody tells you “You are dumb,” that is, of course, a poor insult and will harm you. However, if you start to think “I am dumb,” and keep repeating this phrase repeatedly, then that is far worse. When someone tells you that you are stupid, then this is a negative outer-suggestion. If you keep believing in a negative way, then your personal development will be harmed.

Meditation mantras have a positive significance. They remind you that your real character is something great: pure awareness and boundless love. If you begin to consider the ideal part of your being, you will begin to get more confidence in yourself and this may become apparent on your actions.

However, many people have read philosophical, spiritual or self-help books explaining these thoughts, and yet they never understand these beautiful truths in their daily reality. It’s insufficient to consider a fantastic idea after, then close the book. You need to think in a systematic and concentrated fashion over a term to receive results.

Meditation mantras possess a unique quality which aids in the job of strong, optimistic thinking: their vibration can focus and concentrate your mind. Some sounds, like electricity drill breaking a pavement, can upset you considerably, though other sounds, like soothing music, may transport you to a different world.

The syllables and phrases used in meditation mantras have been selected according to their sonic ability, and they greatly aid the job of concentration and contemplation, as well as carrying a positive significance.

To acquire the benefits from mantra meditation, you have to meditate regularly using a headline which has a definite meaning and the capability to help you concentrate. You have to do it on a regular basis, sitting silently two times a day for a period of 10 to half an hour.

It seems easy, but the everyday experience of most people is that as you sit and try to consider one word or one phrase, your brain is quickly filled with many different ideas; thoughts about work, fiscal problems, disputes with people and all kinds of other things. When this happens, and it will, then you’ve got to bring your mind back to the mantra.

Meditation is a process where you focus on the mantra and its meaning for so long as you can, and when your mind wanders, you bring it back.

Keep doing this, and you will attain a better capacity to focus and profound inner peace.

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