The most basic guide to Acupressure to get you going


Acupressure and acupuncture use various points across 12 standard meridians within the body. The fundamental idea is that illness is due to a blockage in qi or ‘chi’. The needles in the strain in acupuncture may replenish these energy pathways and revive the easy and unimpeded flow of qi. Read further to find out more about the points of acupuncture which assists in increased metabolism and weight reduction.

Acupressure on the ear

Put your thumb straight in the front of the triangular shaped flap of tissue known as tragus, located at the very front of each ear. Considering that the thumb has a big surface area, it’s utilized for acupressure points. Apply moderate and continuing pressure for three minutes to control hunger and increase the speed of metabolism.

Acupressure beneath the nasal septum

Put your thumb on the are over the top lip and just beneath the endpoint of the nasal septum. Apply moderate and continuing pressure for 3 minutes to lead to regulation of gastric juices and bile.

These were a couple of tips to get you going with acupressure. You can practice them anywhere and at anytime. You will be surprised to see how these have an impact on your body.

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