15-Minute Morning Yoga Routine to Sculpt Your Body

Surya Makaskara, also known as the sun salutation of morning yoga, allows your body to transform and give your mornings a boost faster than a cup of coffee. While an hour – long yoga routine would be ideal to start the day, unfortunately, we don’t always have the time for exercise. This morning yoga routine will center you, keep your body in balance, and condition your body for other physical activities. You won’t need any prior experience as this routine gives you the freedom to move and work at your pace.

Follow this 15-morning yoga routine even on mornings when you feel lethargic and rather be in bed. This sequence is simple enough for anyone to do as these poses will give you long-lasting energy that will allow you to open your hips, help lengthen your spine and stretch your shoulders. By following an energizing yoga routine and a healthy diet with anti-inflammatory foods, your body will feel centered, focuses, and ready to start the day.

Photo: pixabay.com
Photo: pixabay.com

Here is a 15-Minute Morning Yoga Routine to Sculpt Your Body

This 15-minute morning routine offers seven challenging poses which require holding your body weight and help sculpt your body.

Balasana – Child’s Pose

From kneeling position, bring your chest down towards your forehead and thighs to the floor. Allow your arms to lengthen by your side with hands to your feet. Allow the back of your chest to expand as the ribs widen and exhale through your nose as you sink the buttocks down towards the heels. Take full three counts to breathe in and breathe out, or however long you desire.

Adho Muhka Svanasana – Downward Dog

As you spread your palms wider than shoulder width, lift the hips into the air as your tuck your toes in and move your chest back towards the thighs. Keeping your arms straight and head relaxed, roll the shoulders away from the ears as your keep your knees bent. Take full three counts to breathe in and breathe out, or however long you desire.

Plank Position

Round the shoulders and collapse the chest as your allow your head and arms to drop forward and down. Squeeze the shoulder blades and strike a balance as your pull your shoulder blades down. Engage the abdominals and thighs in supporting your lower back as you open the chest and free your neck. Take full three counts to breathe in and breathe out, or however long you desire.

Bidalasana – Cat /Cow Pose

Slowly move your body into a tabletop position with your wrists directly under your shoulders and knees beneath the hips. Firmly press your palms into the mat as you broaden your shoulder blades. Look forward as you inhale and exhale as your chin tucks into the chest, reaching the tailbone towards the floor. Keep elbows facing each other for joint pain relief and protect the joints against hyperextension.

Take full three counts to breathe in and breathe out, or however long you desire.

Anjaneyasana – Low Lunge Pose

Start in the downward-facing dog pose and step your right foot between your hands as you exhale. Lower down towards your left knee as your release the top left foot to the floor. Keeping your right knee stacked directly over the right ankle. Keeping your fingertips beside you, extend your arms along the ears and move into a backbend. Take full three counts to breathe in and breathe out, or however long you desire and repeat on the other side.

Prasarita – Wide Leg Forward Bend

In the mountain pose, hop your feet 4 ft. apart as your rest your hands on your hips. Lift the arches of your feet as you press the outer edge of your feet and toes firmly on the ground. Engage your thigh muscles as your inhale and lift your chest. Exhale as your learn forward from the hip joints keeping them parallel to the ground. Legs and arms should be perpendicular to the ground.

Take full three counts to breathe in and breathe out, or however long you desire. Bring your head up and gaze towards the ceiling.

Vibraharp – Warrior 2 Pose

Standing in mountain pose, exhale as your place your legs 4 feet apart. Reach out as your raise your arms parallel to the floor. Slightly turn your feet 90 degrees outwards with your thighs firmly keeping the center. Exhale as your bend your right knee over the right ankle. Take full three counts to breathe in and breathe out and switch sides.


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