6 Camera Tricks For Taking The Perfect Selfie

In a post about fitness myths, Sophie Kay, a personal trainer and the fitness blogger behind Fitology, demonstrates that “before-and-after” selfie pictures of fitness makeovers shouldn’t always be believed. Camera tricks can easily show significant improvement between photos taken minutes apart.

fitology-selfiePhoto Credit: Sophie Kay, thefitologyway.com

So how can you make all of your selfie pictures look like the “after” picture in a fitness makeover? There are six simple tricks that can help you take perfect full-body selfies.

1. Change the lighting

Find light that will show off your contours in a perfect selfie. The difference between the before and after photos above is that the overhead lights are switched off in the second photo.

2. Show off your best angle

Strike a pose and find an angle that shows off your figure. For some it may mean flaunting your waist, and others may want to accentuate their bust or behind. Decide what you love most about yourself and highlight it in your perfect selfie. Kay’s slightly twisted body was more flattering to her waist than the first photo that was taken straight on.

3. Flex your muscles

For best results, flex and hold your muscles tight to create a lean and strong silhouette.

4. Wear clothes that fit

Wear well-fitting clothes and underwear so that there are no unnecessary bulges or shadows.

5. Use a filter

Photo filters can transform a mediocre photo to an amazing final result and have a significant impact on how you look. This does not suggest “fixing” flaws like blemishes or slimming down legs. Use simple filters to change hues and lighting to enhance colors and add dramatic effects to photos.

6. Be confident

Smile and feel confident and happy while taking your full body selfies. Your positivity will shine through and make your photo perfect.

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