3 Yoga Postures that help with depression

Research shows that some form of depression therapy drug is offered to over 20 million Americans every year. However, the concern of using anti depressants is that these drugs have many side effects. They might be effective for a while, but these depression medicines have several adverse effects which may consist of nausea or vomiting, fatigue, insomnia and some sexual dysfunctions.

In early stages, depression can be controlled or even come over with the help of yoga.

With Yoga and its gentle movements and positions, Alpha waves (relaxation) and Theta waves (subconscious memory, fantasizes as well as emotions) often enhance dramatically after its execution. This searching for is based upon a Scandinavian study carried out by Eric Hoffman, Ph.D., that measured mind waves just before as well as after a two-hour Yoga class.

Because of this, you tend to have more contact with your own subconscious as well as feelings.

Additionally, after its usage, alpha waves boosts in the right temporal region of the brain as other researches have actually revealed that individuals with depression tend to have more alpha task in the left frontal-temporal area, while positive, extroverted people have much more alpha task on the right.

Additionally, with the execution of Yoga, a noted reduction in the hormonal agent known as cortisol and also increase in the bodily hormone prolactin occurs– which is thought by many professionals to be the key in producing the anti-depressant effect of electroshock treatment. This hormone helps ease feelings of stress that often lead to the blahs, blues, or outright depression

If this all appears a bit state-of-the-art, possibly a less complex picture of exactly how Yoga exercise functions successfully for depression therapy may be that it exercises the motor facilities of the mind, making the blood circulation far from the psychological activity facility; subsequently one ends up being even more responsive to good thoughts. Being active keeps your mind away from negative thoughts, and allows you to gain a greater and clearer perspective on the problems you are facing. People who are depressed, or simply feeling “down”, often lack the motivation to exercise. That’s why yoga can be such a great option. It takes far less effort to complete yoga routine as it takes to out to a video or drive to the gym.

There is a definite connection between mind, body and spirit that indicates people can beat the blues with yoga. No other form of exercise alone can achieve these same benefits. Certain Asana yoga postures can influence your mood and help to relieve depression, although Asana can cure depression altogether. Asana postures can help increase low energy levels and relieve lethargy. They are also helpful in opening lung capacity to allow more oxygen to reach all parts of your body, and even your mood. Ask your yoga instructor to help you learn the postures that will balance your moods.

Although this can be completed by the usage of numerous Yoga exercise postures, I will certainly narrow the large array of selections down to 3 easy yet very reliable ones particularly the Sun Salutations, Shoulder Stand and also Relaxation poses.

3 Yoga Postures that help with depression

  1. The Sunlight Salutations (Surya Namaskar):


    The sun works out promotes and stabilizes all systems of the body consisting of the endocrine and also nervous systems that have actually marked effects on our emotional states, additionally they cause deep breathing, which has actually been understood over the ages to help relieve several a stressful scenario. Carried out in rounds of 3, they really are a combo of extremely basic activities carried out in a flowing movement. Although they are normally a heat up to other Yoga exercise postures, they can stand on their very own as a Yoga exercise session so you could not need to spend excessive time to gain Yoga’s benefits as an alternate treatment for depression.


  2. The Shoulder-Stand (Sarvangasana):
    Sarvangasana balances the thyroid and hypothalamus glands, allowing for proper hormone production. This pose has a soothing effect on the nervous system. Therefore, those easily irritated, or prone to anger or nervous breakdowns can be stabilized and less reactive to life’s circumstances. Sarvangasana reduces lethargy, mental sluggishness and laziness; appeases insomnia and fights depression.If you have neck issues, fold one or two thick blankets under your body so that your head rests just off the blankets on the floor, and your shoulders and arms are on the blankets.
  3. The Relaxation Pose (Shavasana):
    shavasanaAs the name suggests; it involves lying motionless on one’s back with emphasis on deep, even breathing and meditation. It is usually performed for several minutes to alleviate stress and mental tension and positive affirmations such as helpful verses from religious books could be mentally repeated during its execution.

Have you found yoga helpful for depression? Please share your comments below.

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