4 Ways Being A “YES” Person Will Help Improve Your Life

You’ve probably heard this phrase before. You probably are able to look at yourself, and look at your friends, and identify who’s the “yes” person. Many people think that these types of “yes” people are just naturally spontaneous, carefree, easy-going, etc.

The truth is, they’re more like you than you think. But being a “yes” person is more than just throwing caution to the wind. It has tangible benefits for your mind and overall well-being. To name of a few:

1. Opportunities Will Be Everywhere


When you say “yes” to things, you don’t know who you’re going to meet, the places you’ll go, or what new thing you’re going to discover.

Especially for millennial and young people who are looking for jobs and establishing direction in their lives, opportunity is one thing you can’t get enough of.

The more you start agreeing to do things, to meet people, to try that new exercise—you’ll find that little opportunities start popping up. There will someone who you find is an asset to your professional network, or you gain a new friend.

As cliché as it sounds—the possibilities are endless.

2. You Do Something Good For Your Future Self, Instead Of Giving In To Your Bad Mood


One of the reasons why you might not want to try a new restaurant or gym class can simply be down to the mood you’re in. Perhaps you didn’t get enough sleep last night, you just came from an aggressive text conversation, or you saw the latest development in Donald Trump’s campaign.

When you force yourself to say yes and be adventurous despite your bad mood, you might find that you end up thanking yourself later. You say “wow, I’m really glad I did that”, and are thankful that you didn’t let your mood or short-sighted impulse ruin what turned out to be a great day.

3. You Gain Life Experience


Anyone that wants to become the Dumbledore’s and Gandalf’s of the world knows you need that life experience. Where is all that wisdom going to come up if you don’t try something new, fail miserably, and have fun?

Do you think you’re going to have wise tales to tell your children over dinnertime if you didn’t try new things throughout your life? When they come to you for advice in a particular tricky situation, you’re going to say—oh cr*p, I never actually did that when I was young.

The transition we undergo from children to full-blown “grown-ups” comes with that life experience. The best way to learn is to make mistakes and then reflect on them—so it’s important to take risks and do the things that we thought we might never do.

4. You Force Yourself Out Of Your Comfort Zone


At some points in your life, you need to push yourself out of your comfort zone. It’s easy to become cocooned in the status quo of everyday life, to think we’re content just as we are.

Meanwhile, we never give ourselves opportunities to grow, to challenge ourselves.

Even when things might scare us—going abroad, doing that skydive—when we get the opportunity, it’s important to say yes. It’s better to look back and say we might not do it again than to live with regrets wondering what would’ve happened if we didn’t do it. More often than not, we come out on the other side knowing it was a good decision.

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Shem Sharifi is a Registered Massage Therapist who runs Burrard Massage Therapy in Vancouver, BC. With years of experience in the field of health care, he is also a part-time college instructor of massage therapy.