Stasia Fisher

Stasia Fisher is a certified Yoga, Pilates and Meditation Instructor. She practices Yoga since 90's and teaches since 2005. In 2011 she successfully completed the Ayurveda course, endorsed by Indian national Institute of Ayurveda Medicine, with Dr. Sumit Keasakar. Her path is the evolving story of humble Yoga Teacher, practicing Yoga on lunch breaks and meditating in the seat of the car. From office cubicle Yoga took her to Himalayan little town of Laxman Jhoola where she found her place as Yoga Teacher at Omkaranada Ashram. Yoga led her to changes, she was back to Las Vegas, teaching in beautiful studios inside hotels on fabulous Strip. Yoga and Sanatana Dharma led her through amusing life-changing process, while keeping her grounded through meaningful twists and turns of life. If this is the Yoga you want to practice, she will be glad to teach you what she has learned on her path. For more information on classes please visit her website.