Creating an Evening Routine to Boost Your Success In the Morning

Morning routines have become quite popular over the last few years. I have one…and it’s awesome…more to come on this subject…but…What sets you up for a MONRING where you feel fueled and inspired an dfocused and PEACEFUL to go through your routine, as well as excited to start your day is…laying the groundwork – the night before.

The things we do before sleep have an impact, A BIG ONE.

Especially for those of us, who take care of our bodes, our spirits an dour minds…working towards a holistic lifestyle…can be overwhelming at times, when we are surrounded by the “real world” of 24-hour pharmacies, light pollution, airwaves, cellular signals and endless “possibilities” distracting us from our rest, bio-rhythm and internal clock.

Implement these simple evening tasks and boost your success:

  1. Make a to-do list: There’s little point in starting your day without a game plan. For many of us, getting started is the hardest part. Wouldn’t it be beneficial to already have a to-do list in place? Sit down each night and create a list of important tasks to be completed the following day. ONLY put down 4 items. Start with the most Urgent.To treat yourself like a best friend, rather then an employee – have a BONUS item, which you know will feel…like a reward.To do: Bonus: read five inspirational quotes before dinner.When you wake up, you’ll already be ahead of the game. And you will have some sel0flove in your to-do list as well!
  2.  Review your goals: This can be done immediately before going to sleep. Your brain can spend all night working on solutions and ideas. This can be amazingly effective! There are many ways to review your goals. You can read them silently, say them aloud, re-write them, or visualize them. Doing all four is a great idea!
  3. Read: It’s surprising how many successful individuals have a reading habit. You could spend time unwinding with some good fiction.A more effective option is to read something that will increase your ability to be successful. It might an inspiring biography or a book that teaches you a new skill…or that awesome, “bad” book, that everyone is secretly reading. Treat your imagination and your senses. By rebelling against what you “think you should read” you are creating a new behavior and letting yourself enjoy what you choose.
  4. Brush your teeth and floss: Most of us brush our teeth every night. Far fewer take the time to floss. Flossing is one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself. The bacteria found in between teeth have been found to cause damage to blood vessels and heart valves. They’re also implicated in causing systemic inflammation. Take a minute and floss each night.
  5. Spend time on a hobby: The great novel you’ve wanted to work on won’t write itself. Likewise, it’s doubtful you’ll learn to do that headstand by osmosis. Give yourself time each evening to accomplish the great things you’ve been putting off. There won’t ever be enough time until you make time.
  6. Meditate or pray: A long day at work or even some time with the family can be stressful. Taking 15 minutes to meditate or pray can help to lower your stress level.You’ll sleep better and enjoy your life more. While praying is Speaking to your higher self, Mediating is Listening to that same source.
  7. Write in a journal: Record your life and it will become noteworthy. After a month of writing, “Went to work. Came home. Ate dinner. Watched TV. Went to bed,” you’ll realize that you’re living a boring life. Change it and get out of your rut!
  8. Exercise: This is commonly thought of as a morning activity, but how many people do you know that exercise before work? Not many! Spending 30 minutes taking a walk to the store or the nearest park- practicing a 20 minute yoga sequence or lifting weights each evening can make a huge difference in the way you look and feel.

You can even kill two birds with one stone and do it while watching the evening news.

Just make sure not to do anything too stressful for your body, right before bed- you want to be relaxed and ready to unplug. So avoid doing high-intensity exercise, which may raise your cortisol levels.

From the above, choose 3-5 items. You can start with one thing. Consistency is key. So is fulfillment. Once you feel accustomed and benefitting form one or two items, you can gradually add one more every week.

Eventually you may have a 30-45 minute routine, that will make you feel like you have a staff of professionals getting you ready for the day after!

It’s unnecessary to have an endless list of tasks to complete after a long day at work.

But most people fail to use their evenings effectively.

You can develop an effective and enjoyable evening routine that will change your life.

For the most impact, consider the areas your life that could use a little work and begin there.

It’s yours to create! No one knows what you need but you- however you need to give yourself the option!

Love yourself, and offer yourself the care and the focused structure you would want to offer someone you love and want to succeed- think of your child, best friend, significant other or parent!

Here is to your evening rocking your day into the right gear.

Stay inspired!

Your coach Sasha.

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Sasha Lipskaia is a cheerleader and right hand coach to fearless women who want to soar through their days. She is a confidence and mindfulness coach, motivating fabulous girls to run their own show, live a healthy and confident life and use their gifts and passion to successfully pursue their desire. She left her career in show-business to pursue her need to heal, connect and support women facing a transition period.A kid at heart, she is a certified life+wellness coach and business strategist. She also holds a BA in Communications and is a professional actress, writer and a fitness professional as well nutrition nerd. Meet Sasha here…and ask her a question!