Fun Ways to Get in Shape for People Who Hate the Gym

So, you always wanted to have a healthy and fit body but you dread the gym so much. There are a lot of things we do every day that actually helps us stay fit.  Check out these fun alternative ways to exercise without actually hating it.

Sleep more

7-9 hours of sleep is the recommended amount so you have enough energy for the day. Not enough sleep will slow down your metabolism.

Laugh out loud

Watch a funny movie. Laugh at your own joke even it’s not funny. If you can’t laugh at yourself, how can you laugh at somebody else? Laughing increases your heartbeat by 20% and increases your metabolism

Dance like there’s no tomorrow

Dancing improves your coordination and flexibility which is beneficial for your body in the long run. It also promotes weight loss and reduces the risk of heart diseases. What are you waiting for? Get out of your bed and bring out those dancing shoes! Start working on your dance moves.

Walk your dog in the park

If you are too lazy to jog or hike, try walking instead. Walking is one of the best forms of exercise because it promotes a healthy cardiovascular system. You won’t get bored because dogs are lovable companions and will definitely bring joy to your walk in the park.


Participating in charities gives you the opportunity to engage in activities such as clean-up drives or building houses. These activities can serve as an all-day workout too. Helping others is also good for your mental health because it makes you feel more socially connected with people.

Go shopping with your BFF

Carrying heavy shopping bags at the mall can be similar to lifting weights at the gym. Walking your way to the stores to check out some clothes and shoes can burn calories too!


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