How to Choose the Best Health Drink for your Child

Motivating your kids to select the best healthy drinks is as important as urging them to make the best food choices. If you can take a big gulp of this health drink and drown yourself in this healthy beverage, this will do enough good to your growing bodies. Though 100% fruit juices are fine for them, milk and water are perhaps the best option for kids. Since the late 1970s, the consumption of sugary-sweet beverages have increased for the majority of the American kids. The consequence of this is that the kids aren’t getting adequate calcium intake and there is a rise in childhood obesity.

Why should water be the first consideration?

Water is the most essential drink for your health and it accounts for more than half of the weight of the child. As per registered dietitian Marie Spano, overheating and dehydration during the hot months of summer are the two main reasons behind all the nutrition issues. This clearly means that good hydration is definitely necessary for a kid’s body to function properly.

Water may be a fantastic health drink but there are times when a kid might need different flavors to stimulate his thirst and this is one of the main reasons why sports drink work. They actually taste good and also have a little bit of sodium which increases their thirst to drink again. One more way of adding a good taste to water is by adding a slices of lime or different fruits.


Choosing the best health drinks for kids

Milk is packed with calcium, Vitamin D, magnesium and other important nutrients which build healthy teeth and bones. That which is very unique about milk proteins is that they are perhaps the best kind of protein which is useful for building muscles. Milk is high in leucine which is more like a plug of sorts for enhancing muscle growth.


But what should you do if your kid doesn’t like the taste of milk? If this is your problem, try to use milk whenever it is possible in different recipes for kids as this way you can make this health drink go down in an easier way. Giving him chocolate drink is yet another way of giving him milk.

  • Add flavors to milk:
    How about mixing a strawberry syrup or chocolate into milk? Don’t add too much sugar and you can see your kid loving the taste of flavored milk.
  • Add milk to food:
    When you cook tomato soup, add milk instead of adding water. You can also do the same in oatmeal or hot cereals. Add milk as base to fruit smoothies.
  • Bring home new containers:
    Kids usually love it when you make drinking milk more fun by serving them in different sweet containers. This will make milk more appealing.


Apart from milk and water, there are other health drinks like aloe vera drink and ready to drink protein shakes but these are usually given to them once they grow up. You being an adult can try such health drinks for the betterment of your health.

Author: Angelina Brown is a professional writer having insightful knowledge in dealing with different Health and fitness ideas. Buying a good quality chocolate drink or any other health drink can be tough. Thus she jotted down valuable tips to help you out. She tries to help people to get a healthy life by contributing write-ups covering different angles of healthy life.

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