Bring The Olympics To Your Home!

Are you watching the 2016 Rio Olympic games? Join the fun and stay active with your own Backyard Olympic Games.

The modern Olympics include everything from boxing to soccer, but the original Olympics from Ancient Greece was focused on track and field type of sports such as sprinting, hurdles, long jump and discus throw.

How to Create Your Own Backyard Olympics

You simply need to have a grassy area with a big tree or clear section of wall space for your Olympic Games. The events may require materials such as:

  • ribbon or rope
  • a tape measure
  • a frisbee
  • a beach ball
  • paper
  • a calculator
  • a pen and paper to track results

Record points for each competitor as they complete these events, and the decathlete with the best combined performance wins.


10m Sprint

Create your race course in a grassy area, and mark a start and end line with ribbon or rope.
Get creative with what kind of race you want this to be. It can be a race requiring competitors to hop on one foot, or to crawl on all fours, or a belly crawl.

Long jump

Find a grassy area that is free of dangerous obstacles and mark a take-off line where each competitor must jump from. Competitors stand at the take-off line, bend their knees, swing their arms, and jump for distance.
Measure each jump with a tape measure and write the measurement.

Shot put

Use a soccer ball or beach ball as a shot put. Create a throwing line in the grass and “throw” the beach ball from the throwing line.

Similar to Shot put, competitors must throw from their shoulder by “pushing” the ball. Measure each throw. The longest throw is the winner.

Discus throw

In this game, the discus is replaced with a frisbee. Create a throwing line in the grass and ask competitors to “throw” the frisbee from the throwing line. Similar to the traditional discus throw, the frisbee must be cupped in the hand, and competitor spins and releases to throw. Measure each throw with a tape measure.


Javelin throw

Since javelins can be hard to find, and potentially dangerous, using paper airplanes can make this a friendly and fun competition. Each person must make their own paper airplane and throw their planes as far as possible. The person who throws their plane the farthest is the winner.

Having fun and staying active with some friendly competition is a great way to celebrate the Olympics! Have some fun and finish off your Olympic Games with a medal ceremony.


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