How To Find Out If Your Body Is Burning More Muscles Than Fat

The problems that come with any weight loss program is that one has the chances of losing more muscles than fats. And as one may presume, this is not exactly part of the plan.

This bit is not quite healthy because losing muscles means a further slowdown in the metabolism rate, and with that, the body starts retaining more and more fats – a complete disaster? Yes!

So if you are working out, how would you know that your body is actually burning fats instead of muscles? Well, there is a simple and effective way of finding that out.

It is important to know that when the body is involved in burning fats to energy, it releases a certain chemical compound called ketones. So when you are working out, you are intending to burn your fats and calories, and not actually muscles.

So, one inexpensive and simple way of finding out if your weigh loss programme is effective or not, is to find out if your body is releasing ketones, which means that all is working well. However, if you finf out thatless ketones are released, then it means that your body is actually burning muscles instead of fats – not so nice, eh?

Ketones strips can be used in your urine to find out the ketones level in your system. It is readily available in most dispenseries at an agreeable price. These strips are mostly used by people who suffer from diabetes, and can be a great way of finding out if you are burning body fats or muscles.

If your weight loss programme does not include ample exercises and a healthy diet, there are high chances that your body is producing less ketones. In this case, you have to re-work on your weight loss programme, perhaps get some assistant from a professional or an expert who can help you out with it.

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