Is Pilates Safe while I’m Pregnant?

During pregnancy, your body goes through different changes. The back weakens as the abdominal muscles start to stretch to make room for the baby. Throughout this period, the back is more susceptible to injury. It is common for pregnant women to experience back pain because of relaxin, a hormone that is released during pregnancy to soften the ligaments and make the pelvis stretch during delivery.  It is produced by the ovary and placenta causing significant changes in the reproductive system and during pregnancy. In anticipation of childbirth, it eases and softens the cervix. It is important to know that it stays in the body for up to four months until you finished breastfeeding. Hence, it is necessary to protect the back even after birth, especially when engaged in activities such as bending, lifting, and breastfeeding.

Pilates is an ideal workout during pregnancy because it helps strengthen your core muscles, pelvic floor, and spine without hurting your joints. The problems encountered during delivery are addressed in Pilates session. The advantage of Pilates is that it focuses on the muscles that are affected during pregnancy and after giving birth. It helps you give birth in a safe way.

Before engaging in a Pilates session, it is necessary to consult your doctor first. You also need to consider to do a specific antenatal class with a trainer that is knowledgeable in that area. Many classes teach breathing techniques to help pregnant women during labor. It encourages a mind-body focus which is beneficial during delivery, and can help your baby get into the right position for birth. It also decreases the risk of having complications in pre and postnatal conditions. If you are worried about getting back into shape after giving birth, Pilates will help you achieve that goal. It will make you feel better and stronger as you get to attend more classes.

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