What makes fruits and vegetables a recommended healthy bowl?

Being healthy is the key to live longer, free of life style diseases and having enough energy that will enable you to carry out your daily activities and having a perfect posture. A healthy lifestyle has the capability of affecting every aspect of your life. It ranges from how you sleep, how you exercise and the type of food you take among other aspects. The type of food you eat greatly affects the condition of your healthy. Although there are a variety of foods you can eat to make you healthy, a healthy bowl of vegetables and fruits significantly enhances your healthy by supplying your body with essential nutrients to fight lifestyle diseases. Fruits have numerous healthy benefits with the ability of reducing the chances of contracting chronic diseases such as obesity, heart related diseases, type 2 diabetes and particular types of cancers. This is because fruits have important nutrients for maintaining a healthy body posture.

The significance of vegetables towards your health

  • Vegetables contain fiber as their main constituent. The fiber in vegetables assist in preventing flushing out gastric irritants and waste thus cleaning your digestive system and making it easier to digest food.
  • Vegetables have the ability to minimize the chances of contracting diabetes type 2 diseases by slowing the breakdown of carbohydrates in your body and the rate at which your body absorbs sugar hence playing a critical role in controlling the blood sugar in your body.
  • According to research, people who take the right amount of vegetables and fruits on a daily basis, have a forty percent lower prevalence of contracting a heart disease because of the fiber content. Subsequently, vegetables have the capability of minimizing the chances of having heart related diseases such as heart stroke and heart attack.
  • Vegetables are rich in potassium which helps in lowering blood pressure. In addition, potassium assists in minimizing the chances of developing kidney stones. – Endeavor to eat vegetables that have low cholesterol levels per serving. This will help to reduce or lower the amount of calories you take. Ask your doctor to advise you on the amount of vegetables with low calorie levels.

What makes fruits and vegetables a recommended healthy bowl?

  • Fruits have no cholesterol because of their low fat and calorie content. Moreover, they are consumed in their natural state hence they don’t undergo any type of processing. As a result, no additives like sugar added to them.
  • Vegetables are a source of important nutrients such as fiber, potassium, vitamin c, vitamin A and folic acid. These nutrients play a vital role in making our bodies healthy and enhance the capability of fighting diseases. In addition these nutrients have various benefits such as the ability to protect against diseases and infections, assist in iron absorption, and assist in forming red blood cells in the body among other benefits.


The important nutrients in vegetables and fruits have the ability of helping you to maintain a healthy lifestyle that can fight various diseases including lifestyle diseases.

Visit your doctor for advice on the right amount of vegetables and fruits your body needs on a daily basis. To minimize the cost of seeing your doctor, apply for an Ehic card, which is an insurance cover as you will be visiting your doctor more frequently.

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