What is Yoga and how yoga effects at all levels?

Yoga Effects in All levels

We mostly begin with a warm-up before any strenuous exercise, such as running or weight lifting. In the similar manner warm-up is necessary even before we start with our yoga moves to prevent the muscle cramps while practicing the postures

Warming up helps to become flexible and loosen the joints. Blood circulation runs thoroughly in the body and by our sweat, toxins will be removed.

Yoga effects at all levels, physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and spiritually.

What is Yoga and how yoga effects at all levels?

Being in the present moment and connecting with the divine is yoga. Union between the self-soul and supreme soul is called as yoga.

Yoga effects at Physical level

Yoga helps is to achieve stability and steadiness in life. In yoga maintaining the posture is important, so learning to be stable and steady is the key . How yoga’s posture or asana effect? It affects us physically and mentally. Physical effect will be more and mental effect will be little, in this moment the mind will not run anywhere and consciousness starts turning inward a little. In the posture, the benefits of stretching and flexibility will improve not only the strength of muscles, but also fitness would be improved. Stamina also will be improved by the practice of Pranayam and through postures.

Benefits of Yoga at Physical level

Consciousness & energy effects on physical level, muscle level, tissue level and organic level.

  • Flexibility
  • Stretching will be improved
  • Toxic matter removed at muscle level
  • Fitness will be enhanced at muscle level and physical
  • Strength
  • Stamina
  • Balancing will be Improved
  • Heal at Organic level (therapeutic)

Yoga effect at Mind level and Emotional level

Pranayam increases your vitality which in turn helps with your age process slowing down and thus yoga keeps you young. Pranayama effects at mental level and etheric or level of nadis.
When the mind gets disturbed due to worries and desires, then emotions inside are stirred up and this in turn will result in causing difficulties to the physical body. This will affect your confidence level in turn effecting your health also. If mind gets disturbed, then it causes fluctuation of Prana Shakti (the vital power or source of life-force).

Pranayam revitalizes the vital organs; it makes the functions balanced by coordination between the mind and vitality. There are other techniques for detoxification and cleansing techniques at mental level and organ level through kriyas and pranayam.

This vitality or prana shakti slowdowns the age process and it effects the mind. The mind will be at peace and blissful. When the mind is calm, then the energy starts accumulating leading to peace, and by practicing the pranayam and meditation, more energy will be accumulated and more pure energy will be accumulated. This will help increase the joy. In this moment the mind will be stable and there will be no fluctuation of the mind. Mind when in the position of equanimity then consciousness starts expanding and the negative emotions vanish. When there is more energy at the mental level then the mind will be stable. Prana Shakti helps keeping the mind and emotions stable which in turn helps improving strength, resistance, power and memory.

Benefits of Yoga at Mind & Emotional

Consciousness & energy effects at Mind level & emotional level.

  • Mind power will be enhanced
  • Equanimity of mind will be improved
  • Concentration will be improved
  • Awareness will be improved
  • Consciousness will be expanded
  • Emotional will be comes under control
  • Will power will become strong
  • Immunity will become power full
  • Stress relief

Yoga effects at Intellectually, Socially and Spiritual

Intelligence will be improved by expansion of consciousness. This intelligence will be used fully for social and spiritual purpose also. If a person needs social development for improving his or her status then it can improve because of mind power. Yoga helps in improving focus which in turn can help in manifesting things for your own good.

Mental peace and mental strength are another key areas which can be improved by yoga. Mind is the major force from where we operate our body and this vital force acts like fuel to other organs of our body.

Every day we act from our mind, senses and physical actions leading to karma, which may be negative karma or positive karma. These karmas affects us in present and in future. By practicing yoga, especially Pranayam and Meditation, we can remove our negative karmas. Meditation affects at mental level and causal level, the Jeevathma enters in to causal body when purification happens at that place. This happens only while meditating.

Spiritual being uses this intellect for spiritual growth and development and this intelligence will help them in meditation for transcending or to reach the meditative state. Social being uses the intellect for better status, but a spiritual being uses the intellect for spiritual growth.

Yoga gives you an all-round benefits at physical, mental, emotional levels; as well as, intellectually, socially and spiritually. All these benefits comes from enhancing the vitality.
Practicing the yoga will be effected at all levels and yoga takes you towards higher levels of consciousness, by which, the person will be free from all bondages through understanding.

Benefits of Yoga at Intellectually & Spiritually

Consciousness & energy effects at Intellectually & Spiritually

  • Wisdom
  • Free from pain & suffer
  • By intellectually we will take correct decisions
  • Intellect grasps the things easily with the help of memory and mind
  • By intellect only reaching the meditative state is possible
  • Able to connect the Divine
  • Freedom or liberation

Important Guidelines for Yoga Seekers

For Physical asana; while being in asana or posture, a person will get good effect physically, especially on body parts, and different postures will give different benefits and at different body levels. However, the postures should be done under yoga master initially. There will be benefits and also limitations will be there for the postures, Pranayam, bandhas, mudras and meditation, all these should be done under guidance of a yoga master. If the person practicing yoga, without a yoga master then they may experience side effects leading to health issues.

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