Old People Who Practice Yoga Are Less Likely To Fall, Says New Study

A University of Wisconsin-Madison study demonstrates enhanced balance and a reduction in falls among aged people who take yoga.

The study took a gander at old people who went to yoga classes in Western Wisconsin.

College of Wisconsin-Madison educator of family pharmaceutical Irene Hamrick reports the number of falls in old people dropped 48 percent in the half year after the yoga classes began, contrasted with the half-year preceding the class.

The 38 members went to classes twice per week for two months in Dodgeville, Platteville and Monroe.

Falls are the main cause of passings caused by damage for people aged 65 and up.

The members in the study were 70 years of age. In the half year before the classes, 15 members announced 27 falls. In the half-year after the beginning of classes, 13 people revealed 14 falls, which the people conducting the studies considered a significant downfall in the falls accounted before.

You can go through the full study here.

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