This Is How Yoga Can Help You Ease Into Sleep

For quite a while now, exercise has been suggested as a solution for sleepless evenings and nights. And while spiking your adrenaline and working up the sweat may at first appear to be counter-profitable to the entire rest thing, yoga practice could be the bit that is absent from your sleep time practice to ease you into the sleep you had always wanted.

‘The reason why yoga is great in the evening is that it works on a number of levels,’ says Louisa Hollway, a private yoga instructor in London. ‘There are a number of physical benefits – the exercise element tires your body out, which makes it easier for you to fall asleep; the stretching can release areas of tension you may be holding; and the focus on regulating and elongating your breath calms your body down, and essentially tells your brain to relax.’

The connection amongst sleep deprivation and tension is most likely entirely commonplace to a considerable lot of us, and what makes yoga so appealing as a pre-bed action is the act of cognizant breathing and physical diversion – which isn’t too a long way from the more broad suggestions to help facilitate an on edge mind. ‘There are even a number of sleep aid exercises where you are encouraged to breathe in such a way as to mimic the way you breathe when asleep’, Louisa explains. ‘This can be practised in a number of ways in yoga, for example, Nadi Shodhan, which is alternate nostril breathing, which is also a great way to centre your mind.’

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