The POWER of a 100 day Gong and how one thing a day can CHANGE your life.

Hello Fearless Warriors!

I have been known to go to extremes and “guinea Pig “ myself into a lot of different dietary, physical and habit-based experiences.

Having been through a lot of rough physical and emotional roller-coasters, I do believe there is value in putting yourself in a situation where you are being challenged out of your comfort zone and into a new you, which may surprise you with a renewed sense of power, intention and self-confidence!

I started a GONG, ladies, gentlemen!

It comes to the west from the Taoists.

Along with the great and ancient Chinese arts of personal transformation, this practice is simple and does not require anything but the free will and desire to change one’s life for the better.

The POWER of a 100 day Gong and how one thing a day can CHANGE your life.

You can change any routine really, and this is how you do it.

  • You start with one SMALL, CONSISTENT and INTENTIONAL step at a time.
  • And then you see how you’re doing.
  • Is it working out?
  • Then you adjust, and with lots of compassion and self love, you add the things you feel would benefit you- and you do it as a challenge to your “busy, important and over-stressed lifestyle”.

I challenge you to do ONE new daily action- for a 100 days.

It will change your life.

What is a GONG?

A gong is an undertaking of a single or multiple new “tasks” that you would commit to doing every single day, for a 100 days. If you skip a day, you start the count over. This is no joke.

It may sound odd. Why would you?

Well, to develop two very important inner power qualities: Self-motivation and Focus. Among others.

This is how you go about it with wisdom and self-love.

This is not an experiment on who gets the most new “things “ on their to-do list.

It Is not about anyone else- it is about your conscious decision to change and expand your power to write your story. One sentence at a time.

What if we made that sentence full of functional love and support for our journey?

Only you can give yourself that gift.

I may have wanted to try it for fun,  when I first got interested in this practice. Then I saw the shifts that I was creating. I ended up realizing what few daily practices actually served my well-being, my purpose and MY VISION of being fully engaged and inspired by my life. I added daily meditation. Then, daily writing. Then a daily 15 minute yoga/visualization practice.

I kept these items, as they became habits, because they served me. Because I felt so much gratitude towards myself for incorporating new ways to explore my power, my intention, my silence and to do it mindfully and in a committed consistent way.

Creating new habits is not easy. It takes on average 67 days to do that. So why not make it fun? Make it about what you can create, not what you need to stop doing.

By virtue of looking at what part of your story  at home, at work or in your daily routine is not serving your happiness, and the happiness of those you want to love and support – well those are your clues. Then create one practice andstart with one. One practice that would “outlaw”, “gently but fully squeeze out” the old. Where there is mindful peace practice, there cannot be a mindless, e-mail checking. Of course, you can always multitask…

But you will start becoming AWARE of what you are doing that is getting your own way. And your own power over the experience you have in your day, will become so fun, that you will keep to your new practice.

After 100 …or more days, you will not want to give up a habit that you have mindfully brought on board, like a new tribesman.

It takes, consistency, commitment and a feeling of joy.

All three are present in the GONG.

The new tribesman…it could be:

  • Drinking 2 glasses of lemon water every morning.
  • Doing a 10-minute yoga routine before you start up your computer.
  • Writing a 4 sentence mission statement for your life’s vision, everyday.
  • Doing 6 burpees…Yes, you can!
  • Writing in a “celebration gratitude” journal every night for 10 minutes.
  • Reading a book on peace every day for 10 minutes.
  • Having one salad a day.
  • Telling three people you love them!

Anything to serve, encourage, support and help you grow and evolve in the direction of your VISION.

That vision is what will help you identify what you need to bring into your life.

A GONG is just that- it is a quest for inner power, which only you can set, experience and complete. And for that reason alone, no one and nothing could ever take your power away from you.

How you do anything, is how you do everything.

SO start small, and show yourself and your vision, you power, some REAL LOVE, RESPECT AND COMMITMENT.

To make it even more fun, get a GING buddy. You can encourage each other and support one another’s journeys…when you get tired, discouraged or too “busy” with unforeseen things, or event that are not really serving you in the same way your new practice does.

It’s your self-love, your self-care. Ultimately it’s the care and love you give others.

Until next time, keep gonging!

Let me know your experience, and if you are taking this on.

“If you want to join us on this challenge of the Self-love Gong challenge, you can subscribe here, join the rest of our tribe and receive all of the details! It starts May 22nd!”

Love and confidence!

For more information on the 100-day Gong practice:

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Sasha Lipskaia is a cheerleader and right hand coach to fearless women who want to soar through their days. She is a confidence and mindfulness coach, motivating fabulous girls to run their own show, live a healthy and confident life and use their gifts and passion to successfully pursue their desire. She left her career in show-business to pursue her need to heal, connect and support women facing a transition period.A kid at heart, she is a certified life+wellness coach and business strategist. She also holds a BA in Communications and is a professional actress, writer and a fitness professional as well nutrition nerd. Meet Sasha here…and ask her a question!