Reiki During Pregnancy: Benefits & Hand Positions for Pregnant Women

Over the years many people have believed in different forms of energy being able to help people who are suffering from one ailment or another.  Reiki is one such art, it is a Japanese method of transferring life force energy from one place to another.  One of the benefits of Reiki is that it can be administered by yourself as well as by another.  You can take the power to reduce your own stress into your hands.

Reiki During Pregnancy

Reiki is perfect for all parts of pregnancy, from conceiving to labor.  Because Reiki focuses on channeling positive energy it has been known to help bring life into this world.  Reiki during pregnancy has been found to help with both the birthing process and the baby’s later life.  Reiki uses light touch or holding ones hands just off the body of the person being treated, this also for the flow of positive energy. This allows you to focus the energy into the mother and the baby.  Think of it similar to how mothers like to channel positive music and thoughts to their kid, mothers should also channel positive energy to their kids via Reiki.  Reiki is also great because it doesn’t interfere with any other treatments that you are taking during pregnancy.

How Reiki is Beneficial to Mothers and Unborn Babies

There are many benefits to mothers who undergo Reiki treatment before and during pregnancy and these benefits continue after pregnancy too.  Reiki is also beneficial to the unborn child during pregnancy.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Reiki can help cure infertility: Many Reiki instructors have had students who until they started Reiki treatment have been infertile, as soon as they started treating themselves with the energy of Reiki they started to notice a major difference and were able to get pregnant.
  • Reiki helps relieve stress and spread calm throughout the body
  • Reiki lessens or eliminates anxiety: During a Reiki treatment your energy is aligned and it allows your body to help release anxiety.  Expectant mothers have enough anxiety when they are going through the pregnancy process that they deserve to lose whatever amount of it they can.
  • Reiki aids in relieving pain , for example ligament pain, hip pain, back pain, and nerve based pain
  • Reiki helps to realign the energy in your body during Pregnancy: Pregnancy is also a major change to someone’s body, mind, and emotional state.  Your inner energy gets thrown for a loop and will not reset back to its original until after birth.  Reiki helps to change this by realigning the energy in your body and providing you to accept the changes and even become accustom to them.
  • One of the more physical benefits of Reiki during pregnancy is that it helps easy the body.  When your body is going through a pregnancy it experiences new chemicals and elevated levels of chemicals that it has already experienced.  This can cause nausea and gastric distress.  Reiki has been known to help relax the stomach, and the rest of the body, so as to better handle the chemical changes in the body, up to and including remove all nausea, gastric distress, and uncomfortableness.
  • Reiki helps the baby remain calm during birth

When one is pregnant and being treated with Reiki they will notice a difference in their own feelings but that won’t go far if both parties don’t feel a positive and uplifting energy.  It is important that Reiki practitioners treat both the expectant mother and the father, this will allow both parents to be on the same energy track.  If possible encourage both the mother and father to take Reiki treatment classes together so that they can learn to direct Reiki energy into each other and better each other’s experience.

All of the treatment that a mother experiences is forwarded on to the baby.  They will be exposed to Reiki energy for their first time before they are even born, making it easier to work with them later on.  They will be calm, pain free, and healthier when they are born.

Hand Positions on Pregnant Women to Help Them During Pregnancy

Depending on state and month of the mother, she may lie on a massage table on her back or belly, on her side in a bed or sitting in a chair as comfortable for her. Reiki can be performed in any position, it’s all about what is convenient and best for the mother. During pregnancy there are several areas that should be targeted. 

  • First, and most obvious, is the belly.  The belly allows you to channel energy to both the mother and the child the best.
  • Second, Place one hand on the center of the chest and also one hand on the back, to treat the back and provide healing to heart charkas and relax her.  This should not be attempted without the mother’s consent and should only be done when she is comfortable with it.  Doing so when the mother is uncomfortable with having a hand on her chest could cause the treatment to be diminished in effect.
  • Third, the back should also be targeted because it is not only close to the baby but it goes through a lot of work supporting the mother and baby during the pregnancy.  It is also the home to a selection of pressure points.
  • Lastly, treat the feet of pregnant women as they get strained often, so treating them with Reiki can help mother feel relaxed and comfortable.

When applying a hand to administer Reiki it should be held flat with all fingers together.  The fingers carry alternating energies and when they are combined they create a powerful field that can influence your body’s natural energy.

Reiki will help you before and during your pregnancy.  The difference between having your energy aligned and trying to give birth without it aligned is greatly different.  Once you have given birth continuing to perform Reiki on yourself and your child will also benefit you, it will help keep your energy up when there are those long nights of crying and diaper changing.

Have you had experience with Reiki yet? Please share your experiences with us via comments below.

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