Top 10 Yoga Exercises For Moms With Toddlers

Remember the time when you were pregnant with this cute little baby that once was inside your womb? To protect your body and your body’s overall health, you ate lots of good food, you took your vitamins on time, and you even exercised to maintain your balance as your body was becoming heavier over time.

If exercise during pregnancy is important, to have regular exercise on post pregnancy is also important and beneficial, not only for you but for your baby as well. Of course, not all kinds of exercises are already good for you, especially those that need lifting of heavy equipment. While exercising, you may keep along with your toddler, as this will also serve as a good bonding experience between you and your baby.

Here are the 10 easy-to-follow yoga exercises that you may try with your toddler at home:

1. Standing Mountain

Stand on your feet wider than shoulder-width apart while knees slightly bent and toes pointed forward. Then hold your baby while doing the standing mountain position. As you inhale, stretch your arms upward while holding your baby. Then exhale and stand upright while returning your arms down.

You may do this yoga positions to stretch your muscles. Your baby may also enjoy the movement of raising her up and down.

2. Standing Warrior

Spread your feet hip-width apart placing your left foot firmly on the ground and turn the body to the right. Hold your baby, bend your knee then take a deep breath while slowly lifting your arms upward. Hold the pose for five seconds while breathing normally. Then breathe out as you move your baby down going back to the starting position. Repeat the same steps on the other side.

This position is good for strengthening your lower body while working your back, chest, and hip muscles. Your baby will enjoy forward bends as this is like a rocking movement.

3. Squatting

Place a chair in front of you and stand facing the back of the chair. Place your toddler standing on the chair facing you. Hold your toddler firmly as you open your feet wider than your hip-width and toes facing outward. Lift your chest and relax your shoulders then lower your tailbone toward the floor in a sitting position. Hold your position as long as you can then as you go upward, take a deep breath and exhale.

You may try this position to strengthen your upper legs and for you to feel relaxed. In addition, your toddler may see this yoga position as a hide-and-seek game. Then you also try doing some funny faces to your toddler as you go up and down.

4. Corpse Pose

Lie down straight with back on the floor while your baby is contently playing on your tummy. Close your eyes and relax your body. Take a little time holding in this position. Then stand up straight, cover your face with ten quick breaths, and massage your entire face while taking ten quick breaths.

This is a perfect exercise if you are trying to relax your body. In addition, this kind of yoga position is flexible enough that you can let your toddler play on the mat while doing the exercise.

5. Angry Cat

Start on your hands and knees on a placemat with arms shoulder-width apart and knees in hip-width apart. Keep the arms relaxingly straight. Push your buttocks under and around your back as you breathe in. Then as you breathe out, relax your back into the starting position. Repeat as long as you are comfortable.

This position may help relieve back pain as well as an exciting animal play pose for your toddler since your toddler can do the same position as yours.

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