What Guys Honestly Think Of Your Body

No matter what you think, he is probably thinking “SEXY!”

Ladies, this might come as a surprise to hear …. but men see you differently than you see yourself. Men think differently! Every time you look at the mirror and focus on the little line where your bra presses in causing what you call ‘back fat,’ or the smile marks that you call wrinkles, or your bulging belly … What your man is seeing is a woman that he would love to get busy with right this instant and maybe sooner!

3 ways men really see your body

If you asked a guy what their favorite part of your body was, the majority would most likely think of breasts, legs or buttocks. It is unfortunate but they do actually think like that, however they might not say it out loud. Instead, most would probably mention something like your shoulders or the cute dimples in your back. They don’t nitpick and notice fine lines, scars and apparent imperfections that we notice in ourselves. Men see your body in three ways and it is nothing like the way you see yourself.

1. They see what makes you a woman

That’s right. They notice thing things about you that make you uniquely womanly. They notice your butt, your breasts and your legs. They notice your hair and how you walk in heels. They are so focused on your feminine traits that your cellulite or muffin top really doesn’t enter the equation. Just like those tiny wrinkles on your forehead. THEY DON’T NOTICE so stop worrying.

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