How Moringa Tea Helps Lose Weight

Maintaining healthy body and weight is important. There comes a phase in everyone’s life when they need or wish to lose weight and people resort to heavy exercises and consume a variety of diet foods. In some cases, all of the efforts to lose weight start to stagnate, which is the best time to start drinking Moringa tea to help in the weight loss.


Moringa is known as the drumstick herb, Indian horseradish or Behen, and offers immense benefits when consumed.

Usually, this leaf is consumed after steaming and eaten just like spinach. For convenience, Moringa leaves are also available in the form of supplements or tea. They are dried and grounded into powder form and made into supplements.

How does Moringa tea help in weight loss?

Substances such as glucosinolates are present in Moringa which assist in shedding off extra weight. It affects the metabolism and helps people feel full, allowing them to eat less. It also helps burn calories faster.

Anyone who wishes to lose weight by consuming Moringa tea can do so in their own schedule. This tea works equally well when consumed in the morning or before going to sleep. Apart from helping you lose weight, it also helps in keeping you fit and healthy by providing many nutrients. It has a very rich nutritional profile, with antioxidants and also reduces inflammation. It can lower blood sugar levels and helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels. It also provides protection against arsenic toxicity.

If one wants to get rid of conditions like indigestion, nausea, diabetes or diarrhea in a natural way, then moringa tea may offer help. If a diabetic person wants to lose weight safely, then he can safely drink this tea as it helps in regulating insulin secretion as well. The best part is that you do not feel tired during the weight loss process. Its consumption helps in energizing your body parts so that you remain active throughout the day. Not only the eyes and bones get the required nourishment, the brain also gets nourished and  improves the ability of taking the right decisions when time requires. Thus, each cup of Moringa tea makes a difference in your life in multiple ways.


The process for preparation of Moringa weight loss tea is quite simple. One needs to add half a teaspoon of moringa tea powder to one cup of hot water. It is advisable to add it to the pot that contains already boiled water and brew it for three to five minutes. On the other hand, the astonishing benefits of the moringa tea leaf powder are lost if the leaves are boiled. It can be consumed after straining.

With moringa tea, healthy weight is not a distant dream!

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