Plant of Life: Coconut Uses (Infographic)

The coconut is not referred to as the “plant of life” for nothing. Everything about it – its fruit, meat, leaves, trunk, and roots – can be used for numerous purposes: nutrition, fuel, and even shelter.

More specifically, coconut husks, shells, leaves, trunks, and roots can be used to create kitchen tools, art instruments, and materials for structures because of their sturdy nature. At the same time, coconut oil, milk, meat, and water are rich sources of nutrients. Studies found that there is little occurrence of disease in communities that frequently consume the fruit.

Also, the cultivation of coconuts has also helped sustain livelihoods of countries in various parts of the globe, including Southeast Asian territories. Even today, many of these countries profit from the coconut industry.
However, despite the many benefits of coconuts, it is overlooked in the United States and other Western countries. To learn more about how coconuts are used around the world, as well as what its benefits are, check out this infographic.

Coconuts are very scarce in the United States and other Western countries, and it is unfortunate for you to miss out on their benefits that many communities from all over the world have traditionally enjoyed. Learn more by reading this infographic on the uses and benefits of coconut plant and products.


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