Top 6 ‘Diet’ Foods To Avoid

Losing weight is top of mind for many people. Packaged food manufacturers are aware of this fact and promote their goods as ‘diet’ foods with the hopes of gaining the trust and capitalizing on shoppers in a quest for a slimmer body.

Here are the Top 6 Diet Foods That Don’t Help You To Lose Weight, brought to you by

Diet Foods that Dont Help you lose weight

1. Diet Soda

Diet soda is sweetened with artificial sweeteners, like aspartame, that taste sweeter than natural sugar and has been shown to prolong sugar cravings rather than satisfy them.

Diet Foods that Dont Help you lose weight

2. Processed Low-Fat Foods

Fat provides flavor to foods, and when it is removed, food manufacturers compensate for that missing flavor by adding more sugar to low-fat food.

Diet Foods that Dont Help you lose weight

3. Margarine

Margarine can contain trans fat, which may induce insulin resistance and can impair your body’s ability to burn fat.

Diet Foods that Dont Help you lose weight

4. Low-Calorie Cereal Bars

Often marketed as healthy options for breakfast, low-calorie cereal bars are often made with refined carbohydrates and can contain as much sugar as a chocolate bar. It’s important to read labels!

Diet Foods that Dont Help you lose weight

5. Gluten-Free Processed Foods

Gluten-free is the new buzzword in healthy living, but many gluten-free processed foods are lacking in nutrition and are made with high-glycaemic carbohydrates. Stick with naturally gluten-free options such as fruits, vegetables and meats.

Diet Foods that Dont Help you lose weight

6. High-Fibre Snack Bars

A high fibre diet is a healthy way to make you feel fuller for longer, but getting your entire day’s fibre intake through one high-fibre bar doesn’t alter satiety or body weight.

Diet Foods that Dont Help you lose weight

The key to losing weight and staying healthy is to live an active lifestyle and consume a balanced diet with ample fresh fruits and vegetables so that you’re getting enough vitamins and nutrients. If you need to consume processed foods, make sure to read labels and watch the sugar, carbohydrate and sodium levels, and be aware of serving sizes.

To help you achieve your goals, here are 6 facts that you need to know about processed foods:

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