10 Ways To Stay Active This July 4th

Many Independence Day celebrations involve BBQs and cookouts with friends and loved ones. Make this year’s 4th of July celebration memorable by finding your inner kid and planning games that encourage people to move and be active while having a lot of fun!

Here are 10 great ways to stay active while celebrating Independence Day:

1. Baseball

Nothing says “American” more than a friendly game of baseball. Running and sliding into home plate provides an unbeatable cardio workout! Another great option is kickball.

2. Tug-Of-War

Tug-of-war was once an Olympic Sport and can provide a full-body workout for the legs, abs, arms and back muscles. Take an underhand grip on the rope with arms fully extended and push with the legs to drag the rope.

tug of war

3. Sports

Flag football or chasing a soccer ball across the field for an hour is a great way to run and get some exercise between eating and watching fireworks.

4. Three-Legged Race

A three-legged race provides an ideal workout for arm and leg muscles. Pick a partner around the same height, wrap an arm around each others’ waists, bend the knees, and prepare to start with the middle legs. It’s also a great ice-breaker!

5. Frisbee

No need for a lot of space to toss around a Frisbee, bonding with buddies and giving the arms, legs, and abs a tough workout.

6. Walk Back In Time

Get moving and visit some local historic sites this Fourth with some friends. If there’s no official walking tour available, create your own or explore the place on a bike!

7. Water Play

Bring the Independence Day party to the beach or to a pool. An afternoon of splashing is an easy way to sneak in some exercise, or bring a ball and play some pool volleyball.

water play

8. Water Balloons

Stay cool and active by running around and playfully trying to soak your friends with water balloons. This is an excellent cardio workout.

9. Row Your Boat

Take a canoe, kayak, or paddle boat for a spin. You’ll get an awesome arm workout paddling around all day, plus boating’s a relaxing way to get active on Independence Day.

10. Camping

A camping trip combines the benefits of a barbeque, a hike, and a good time with friends!



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