Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Do Pilates

1. No Sweat!

Pilates is so effective. It works you hard, but does not leave you sweaty and exhausted. You can easily fit it into a busy lifestyle by practicing pilates on your lunch break.

2. You’ll Look And Feel Younger

Pilates targets the deep core muscles, which leads to a flat tummy, a narrow waist, and a healthy spine. Strong core muscles actually keeps you balanced and standing taller. Great posture makes us look younger and feel more attractive.

3. Pilates Builds Strength and Flexibility

Each Pilates exercise effectively stretches and strengthens through moves that work the muscles while they are lengthening. Pilates is also great for injury prevention because it restores proper body mechanics by focusing on the muscles that support and protect joints and the spine.


4. Workout On-the-go

You can do Pilates on the go, any time, any place without any special equipment. Many exercises can be done with just body weight and no props. It also works the muscles that we might not hit in other activities, making it an ideal complement to an active lifestyle.


5. No Age Limits

Pilates is safe and gentle on the body that you can begin at any age. Pilates has excellent exercises that helps balance and strengthen that allows people to continue practicing even as you get older.



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